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Quickly and easily understand what it takes to create a highly sought after top soccer player. Our videos, books and trainings peal back the curtain and show you what it takes to improve every aspect of your soccer training.

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Become The Best Soccer Player On Your Team

If becoming the best soccer player you possibly can is your ultimate goal... Wether its to become the best player on your team, get recruited to play college soccer, get scouted to play professionally, or simply just to get better for yourself... It’s time to get serious and put the proper game plan together to achieve your goals. With the number of soccer players increasing exponentially every year, soccer is getting more competitive than ever. Gone are the days of trying to figure out how to improve on your own. In today’s competitive market you must not only understand what it takes to become a complete soccer player, but you must also be PROACTIVE in implementing it in to your soccer training. Coaches at every level are finding themselves in a state of “player overload” and it is becoming increasingly harder for potential players to stand out from the crowd or just get an opportunity. The only way for a player to greatly increase their chances of getting seen and playtime from coaches is to become the Ideal Soccer Player in the eyes of  soccer coaches.

And this doesn’t always mean becoming the "best player on the team"… (Though that does help)

Becoming the complete soccer player is a combination of many things: Soccer Technical Ability, Athleticism, Soccer IQ, Nutrition & Fitness, Confidence, Training Regimen, and the list goes on.

If you happen to be the best player on your team that’s great, but if you're not constantly  working on improving (and knowing what to improve on) you're going to get caught, and eventually, left in the dust.

And if your not the best player yet, there are many unknown techniques and trainings you can use to your advantage to become the Ideal Soccer Player fast, and become the best player in the eyes of soccer coaches.

The only way to do that, is to not only understand what it takes to get better on and off the field, BUT to know exactly what it is soccer coaches are actually looking for in players, and the shortcuts to improving those skills as fast as possible.

That’s what we’re here to teach you here at Perfect Soccer…

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Who is Perfect Soccer?

college-soccer-recuiting-ross-labauex-12Quincy Amarikwa and Ross LaBauex are current Professional Soccer Players in Major League Soccer. 2010 MLS Cup Champions, 2009 NCAA National Champions, and All Americans. Both played 4 years collegiately at the Division 1 level on soccer scholarships.

We have combined our experiences and knowledge to put together and created the Perfect Soccer brand.

Becoming a Perfect Soccer member is the first step in taking your soccer improvement into your own hands and puts you inside the minds of professional soccer players. This is what will give you an unfair advantage and upper hand on all of your soccer competition.

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What Our Members Are Saying

Dwayne Shaffer

When I went through this eBook for the first time I was blown away with how detailed and information packed it was. Everything highlighted in this book is exactly what I wish every single recruit I’ve ever dealt with in the past knew about, BEFORE coming into the recruiting process. One thing is for sure, I will be requiring all future recruits as well as college soccer hopefuls, coaches and parents to buy and read this eBook in it’s entirety! Well done guys, this product is amazing!

Dwayne Shaffer Head Coach UC Davis Division 1 Men's Soccer
Gustavo M.

I really had no idea how to get recruited to play soccer. I thought playing in College Showcases was the only way to get recruited to play college soccer. My club doesn’t have a lot of money, so we don’t play in them. I figured that meant that I would not get recruited. I was lost. I started taking try-outs for Mexican clubs. Then I found the Perfect Soccer Recruit Blueprint. Now I have a plan to get recruited, and coaches are already starting to show interest! Thank you Quincy & Ross! – Gus

Gustavo M. West Chicago Wildcats Soccer Club

Let's Fast Track Your Soccer Training Today!


Finally learn the 9 keys to soccer success and how to leverage  this knowledge to take your soccer skills to the next level. This is what you need in be doing if your serious about your soccer success!

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Most of all our articles, email newsletters, videos and trainings are for free, but we do have some premium paid training content. If you ever decide to become a paid Perfect Soccer member and take advantage of the tips, techniques, insider knowledge, and insights we teach; and you implement the step by step programs we set out for you and you don’t drastically improve your soccer abilities… We’ll give you 200% of your investment in any of our programs back! Where else could you get this kind of guarantee?

Why do we doing this? Well, we want you to be thrilled with the advice, information, and guidance you receive from us. And the only way we can ensure that we take everything we present and suggest to you seriously, is by putting our own wallet on the line!



PSR - Perfect Soccer Recruit

Perfect Soccer’s mission is to give every and any soccer player who has dreams of playing soccer at any level, even with little or ZERO experience or skills, the proper tools and information on how to get there. We’ve been where you’ve been: frustrated, confused, and unsure of what it really takes to make the whole soccer thing work. Though many long hours, hard work, perseverance and investing quite a bit of our own time and money, we figured out what works and definitely what doesn’t! Let us help you avoid the pitfalls we made along our journey to soccer success.

Think of it this way, if you want to get into great shape, you wouldn't just show up at a gym and start lifting weights would you? No, you’d make sure you had a fitness coach who could map out for you the exact steps to reach your goals. Let us be your online soccer coaches. You, your child or players can do this, all you need is the right guidance to get you where you want to go!

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"These guys know everything SOCCER... it's that simple."
-- Jason Williams, Club Coach

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