Perfect Soccer's priority, is to educate parents, coaches and players on the intricacies of soccer development and improving players overall abilities on and off the soccer field. We started off as just a soccer recruiting information brand, but have since grown in to offering products and training that not only helps make the road to getting to play soccer at the collegiate level attainable; but also how to improve ever aspect of soccer development that is required to play for every soccer level. (From youth teams, high school, club, college and to the pros)

We including our parents, were in the same spot you may find yourself now, and we understand the worry that the uncertainty of soccer development can bring. We understand that many parents and youth coaches are lost when it comes to truly

understanding everything it will take to give their child or youth players the greatest opportunity to play soccer at any level.

Having played and continuing to play at the highest levels of U.S soccer (both collegiately and professionally) we have a deep understanding of what is necessary to not only play collegiately and earn a soccer scholarship, but well beyond.

Our philosophy is to be proactive. We encourage hard work and dedication in your soccer development process, so players are not only prepared for the rigors of soccer competition, but also what the life of being a soccer player also brings.

We have a deep passion for the game of soccer because it has allowed us so many great opportunities and experiences that at one time we thought to be unimaginable. Our mission is to offer solutions for parents, coaches and players that want to help their soccer dreams become a reality, and help as many kids as possible play at the highest level possible.

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Ross LaBauex

Hi my name is Ross LaBauex, I  was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I grew up playing Club Soccer for the Chicago Magic Soccer Club. During my club soccer days I won numerous state, regional, and national championships. I've always had a deep passion and love for the game and have worked extremely hard in dedicating much of my life to soccer.

Quincy Amarikwa

Quincy Playing

Hi my name is Quincy Amarikwa and I was born and raised in Bakersfield, California. Growing up I played many sports, but soccer was the one sport that I had the most love for. Countless hours spent by me and my family, traveling for games, playing, and everything else soccer. I am currently the starting forward for the Chicago Fire.

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