Highlight tape to get recruited to play college soccer on scholarship.

What Do I Put in a Soccer Recruit Highlight Tape?

Highlight tapes for high school soccer players What coaches want to see in a player is the ability to stand out from the rest. They look most for players that can be reliable and fit into their program and coaching philosophy. The only problem is coaches sometimes do not have a substantial amount of time…

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Committing to play soccer for a college.

How Do I Commit to Playing Soccer for a College?

Committing to a School Once you’ve gotten an excellent gauge of a school’s interest, and that school seems like a good fit for you, you can do what is called, a “verbal commitment.” A verbal commitment is an agreement between you, and the coaching staff, saying you’re going to attend that school in the fall.…

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What Do I Ask a College Soccer Coach Over the Phone?

How To Impress College Soccer Coaches Over The Phone Something you will see that stands out during the recruiting process is that you have to be sure to utilize your time. Utilizing time is imperative, and can be the difference in playing in college, and not. College soccer coaches are going to be busy, and…

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What Soccer Skills Should I Work on to Play College Soccer

The 3 Things You MUST Focus On Improving In Your Soccer Game Student does come first in Student Athlete, and we do want everyone to understand the importance of education, but we need to make sure you’re no slouch on the field too. We want to teach you to be well rounded, and have success…

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Be eligible to play college soccer

Make Sure You are Eligible to Play NCAA Soccer

How my friend got a 4.0 and wasn’t eligible for NCCA Athletics Playing NCAA Athletics is a privilege, not a right. You must be willing to put in the work on and off the field. A lot of times student athletes believe that their sport trumps academics, and that is entirely false. “Student” comes first…

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What questions do I ask while going through the college soccer recruit process?

Questions to Ask During the Recruiting Process

Important Questions to Ask When Going Through the Recruiting Process The college soccer recruiting process can seem overwhelming; but with the right information, and being able to work efficiently, the process will eventually become fun, and enjoyable. There’s a lot of bad information out there, we want to make sure you’re getting the right information,…

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