Intramural Soccer and Your NCAA Eligibility

How my buddy lost a year of eligibility, playing intramural Soccer! When talking about the recruiting process, an overwhelming amount of concern is on the rules and regulations. The NCAA puts these rules in place so there can be an equal playing field for all coaches in the recruiting process. Making sure you, as the…

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How to tell if coaches have interest in you

Junior year is the year where all the rules change and coaches will begin to recruit players even heavier. During your junior year coaches are allowed to contact you, and can begin to ask you difficult questions. They can also begin to change their approach and sometimes act differently than in previous interactions. Remember, it’s…

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How to email college soccer coaches the RIGHT way.

Emailing is another great way of getting into contact with college coaches. We think the best communication is calling them directly, but email can still be an effective way of getting their attention.   One of the biggest misconceptions of the recruiting process is that parent’s and youth players think college coaches will actively seek…

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Great Soccer Player plus Bad Grades equals Tough time playing college soccer

Great Soccer Player + Bad Grades = Tough time playing college soccer Student-Athlete, Student-Athlete, Student-Athlete. Quincy and I have beaten a dead horse, but will continue to do so to remind you that the student always comes before athlete. Your academic obligations should always be at the forefront, as they will be one of the…

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Taking unofficial and official visits

You can follow a college team, wear their colors, and know everything about the school, but that will never give you a full understanding of what the school is all about.The only true way to get to know what a school has to offer is to go and visit that school for yourself. Visiting a…

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Why Parents need to be involved in the college soccer recruiting process

The college soccer recruiting process requires focus, a lot of work, and most critical, help. Help is where parents come in. Parents are a pivotal part of the process, and we know that without our parents, we wouldn’t have played college soccer. You might You might be saying to yourself, “I’m completely new to this,…

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Practice, not natural ability earns soccer scholarships.

Do I Need Natural Soccer Ability to Play College Soccer?

Natural Soccer Ability Doesn’t Exist… People tend to believe that successful soccer players are just born with their talent or ability, and that they will never be able to achieve greatness on a similar scale. Though that discussion can go on in endless debate, in all cases of great players, hard work was just as…

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Do college soccer camps help you get recruited or a college scholarship?

Does Attending College Soccer Camps Help Get Me Recruited?

Do college soccer camp increase your chances of playing at a school? There are 205 Division 1 Men’s Soccer programs, (as of the writing of this article) each recruiting roughly six players a year, depending on the team’s numbers. So roughly, that will be around 1,200 new spots for incoming freshman this year. There are spots…

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Why write a letter to a college soccer coach to help get recruited?

Do Letters to Soccer Coaches Help to Get Recruited?

Why you NEED to send letters to college coaches College soccer coaches are busy, and their time is occupied by many different activities due to the intricacies of the recruiting process. All that this should mean to you, is that you’ll have to work hard to get their attention. The best way to go about…

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What is the best position to get recruited to play college soccer?

What Position is Best to Get Recruited for College Soccer?

Play the wrong position, and never get recruited With anything we do, we want to make sure we are put in the best position to be successful. Same thing goes for soccer, and to do that we need to make sure we are playing in the position that best highlights what we are good at.…

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