Great Soccer Player plus Bad Grades equals Tough time playing college soccer

Great Soccer Player + Bad Grades = Tough time playing college soccer

Student-Athlete, Student-Athlete, Student-Athlete.

Quincy and I have beaten a dead horse, but will continue to do so to remind you that the student always comes before athlete.

Your academic obligations should always be at the forefront, as they will be one of the biggest contributors to allowing you to continue playing the sport you love.

So, if you decide at some point that soccer is more important than school, you might as well stop now, and cut yours loses.

5844020When going through the college soccer recruiting process you must understand that the University and what it stands for is based on academics. College athletics is only possible because of the academia for which the school was built.

Without school, college sports wouldn’t exist. You must always remember that you are going to the school to be a student, and that can continue to live on without an athlete.

Your Professors and everyone in the academic community will hold you to the same standard (and usually higher) than your fellow peers. This will be a lot to take on initially, but with a commitment to work hard you will come out on top!

imagesBefore you even start to think about your college academics, you have to realize that in high school, you are a student athlete as well.

Your high school should be holding you to a high standard (if not, then it is your responsibility to do that for yourself, no excuses!) and you won’t be able to participate in sports if your grades are lacking.

Getting good grades is a must, and without this part of the formula, the recruiting equation will never be solved. Make sure you are on the right path with your high school counselor, taking good notes, studying, and asking for help when needed.

Never be embarrassed if extra help is needed. Teachers see asking for additional help as brave and are more willing to work with you because you have made an effort to show you care about your future.

Do not waste opportunities; they do not come as often as you think, and you will regret not making the most of them.

I have played with so many great players, and I have seen them fall by the wayside because of lack of commitment and effort.

These players all had unbelievable talent, and could play with the best of them, but they never took their academics seriously.

Getting to play soccer in college is so much more than just the game itself. Opportunities will come, but only if you are willing to put the work in, in the classroom.

A vast majority of college coaches love students that get good grades. Why do you ask? It only makes it that much easier when it comes to admitting a player, into the university.

I’m not going to sit here and say you can never play soccer collegiately if you get bad grades. What I can say, is that it will be much much harder to be admitted if you do. And doing so is only setting up a pattern that will make college even that much harder for yourself once/if you get in.

Why take that risk?

Keep doing the right things and your hard work won’t go unnoticed. Stay focused and do everything you can to become the best soccer recruit possible. And make sure to click the button below to get access to all the FREE resources you’ll ever need to become the best soccer player and soccer recruit possible:



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  • Marjorie Ostroff

    Reply Reply September 29, 2015

    Interesting article. My son has played soccer since the age of 5. He has worked very hard on the field and at school as well. He always played and never sat out until now, his first year at a junior college. I would not mind so much if the player playing his position was a better player but they are not. Also, the other player has been recently warned about bad grades. Another player has been warned as well. Both players are still playing before my son. We have always stressed education first and everything else would fall in place. I guess we were wrong!

    • Quincy

      Reply Reply October 3, 2015

      Hey Marjorie,

      Thanks for you comment! Glad to hear your son is playing soccer at the college level. Like you have said, this is just the first year your son has been playing for his team and the current player in front of him isn’t taking his grades seriously enough. Which is all the more reason why it is important your son stays on top of his, so he is ready to take advantage of his opportunity once it comes his way. Every player wants to play the second they make the team (totally understandable, I felt the same way) but sometimes, especially at the collegiate level you’ve got to “pay your dues” before your chance to play arises. So make sure your son continues to stay focused, he might be playing sooner than you think 🙂

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