How to tell if coaches have interest in you

Junior year is the year where all the rules change and coaches will begin to recruit players even heavier.

During your junior year coaches are allowed to contact you, and can begin to ask you difficult questions. They can also begin to change their approach and sometimes act differently than in previous interactions.

199490Remember, it’s the coach’s responsibility to recruit players and build the best team possible. I want to remind prospective student-athletes to make sure to keep forms of communication open with your parents, or whoever is helping you through the recruiting process. At times the process can become overwhelming, so having someone to express your feelings to is imperative.

Once you establish a parent, guardian or trusted mentor you can speak with, remember these three things that coaches do to show interest!

unlimited-phone-call-college-recruiting1 – They call you a lot Coaches will not be shy, and will call you to express their interest. If you’re a junior, they cannot waste time calling players they feel aren’t interested in their program either. If you’re interested in a school that is calling, let it be known you’re interested, but do not fully show your hand. If there is a potential scholarship offer on the table, do your best not to be overly excited so the coaching staff doesn’t feel as though they can get away with offering you less money.

2 – They invite you on an official visit Prospective student athletes are only allowed 5 official visits, so players must be smart with how they use them. When a coach extends an offer to come check out the university that is a great sign. Official visits usually mean the coach could see you as a part of their program, which is a great sign. Remember you only have 5, so use them if you’re still on the fence on what school you’d like to attend.

mailbox3- They send you a letter in the mail – When coaches send letters in the mail during your junior year, they’re trying to gauge your interest. In the letter, they will usually speak about getting in contact over the phone (and even in person) so they can learn more about your potential interest in their university.

Now these three tips are not set, and stone…

and every player recruiting process is different, but these things are signs that you are doing the right things in your recruiting.

DON’T STOP working and building relationships until after you’ve officially signed a letter of intent with the college of your choice! These tips are great indications for interest levels, so keep up the good work and you’ll be playing college soccer in no time!

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