Worried that Your Child’s Dream of Playing College Soccer will be CRUSHED?

Discover How Your Child Can Receive Recruitment Offers from The Colleges Of Their Choice… Even if He or She Isn’t the Best Player on the Team!

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When I went through this eBook for the first time I was blown away with how detailed and information packed it was. Everything highlighted in this book is exactly what I wish every single recruit I've ever dealt with in the past knew about, BEFORE coming into the recruiting process. One thing is for sure, I will be requiring all future recruits as well as college soccer hopefuls, coaches and parents to buy and read this eBook in it's entirety! Well done guys, this product is amazing!

Dwayne Shaffer
Head Coach UC Davis Division 1 Men's Soccer

You’re probably reading this page because you have (or are mentoring) a school-aged child who eats, drinks, sleeps, and breathes soccer. You might feel like you’ve put in as many hours sitting in on soccer practices and games as the average commercial airline pilot logs in the cockpit. And your child dreams of going on to play college soccer and earn generous scholarships for doing what he or she loves.

Sounds great, right? Your kid gets a valuable college education, and you don’t have to worry about footing the bill. No student loans, no years of debt, no forcing your kid to juggle school and a job… and best of all, you know for certain that your child will enjoy the college experience.

Unfortunately, you know all too well that it’s not as easy as it sounds. Your child will face stiff competition when trying to get recruited into a top college soccer program… no matter how good he or she is. And you’re worried that your kid will face disappointment… and maybe even give up soccer altogether… if a recruitment offer doesn’t pan out.

Are you:

  • Worried that your child will end up at a second-rate college that doesn’t offer the caliber of academic and athletic training he or she needs to succeed?
  • Concerned that your child’s dreams will be shattered because recruitment offers are nowhere to be found?
  • Dreading the thought of paying for your child’s higher education… or saddling your kid with student loans for years or even decades?
  • Worried that your child will decide not to attend college at all if he or she can’t get into a Division 1 college soccer program?

These are all legitimate concerns. But I want to tell you… most kids don’t get shut out of Division 1 programs because of a lack of skill! It’s because…

Getting into a Top College Soccer Program is More Complex than You Think!

You see, getting noticed by the soccer coach at a prestigious college is about more than just being a good player. There are thousands – maybe tens of thousands – of high school students each year who think their talent is somehow going to “wow” everyone so much that recruitment and scholarship offers will flow in like mad!

It’s a shame, but some of the finest players never have the chance to play on a college team at all, let alone play on a Division 1 team or benefit from scholarships.

You don’t want your child to join the massive ranks of the “could have, would have, should have”… do you?

Then it’s critical that you understand the process… and work together with your child to learn the skills you need to gain the best advantage. You need to know things like…

  • The right and wrong things to say to a prospective coach
  • Exactly what coaches will look for when assessing your child’s talent
  • The best ways to reach out to coaches without seeming overbearing
  • How to learn NCAA rules so you and your child can have knowledgeable conversations with prospective coaches
  • The questions you MUST ask when looking at college soccer programs
  • The one key factor that is critical to your child’s success

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Before you start feeling like a bad parent because you don’t know these things, though… let us assure you that it’s not your fault!

College soccer recruitment is a mystery to the vast majority of people… even those whose children have been playing soccer since they learned how to walk! And colleges want it that way. They want to simply trust that their coaches have the resources and skills they need to recruit outstanding players – and most coaches (even of Division 1 teams) don’t have those resources and skills.

But we’re about to show you how that can be a major advantage for you and your child. When you know the exact process of getting recruited and earning athletic scholarships, your child has a better chance than 99% of the other players out there!

First, though, let us tell you a bit about ourselves:

If You Want to Succeed, Ask Someone Who has Already Done what You’re About to Do!

Our name’s are Quincy Amarikwa and Ross Labauex. And we both actively play in the MLS (Major League Soccer)… and like your child, we live, breathe, and dream soccer! We’ve been fortunate enough to do what we love for many years…

But we know how difficult it can be to break into college soccer, especially when you don’t have a mile-long list of contacts or rub elbows with well-known college coaches.

We’ve seen time and time again how outstanding players, just like yours, got shut out of prestigious college soccer programs because they didn’t understand how to get there. Having both played Division 1 soccer in college, we’ve lived the dream that those kids would never get a taste of.

We’re driven to help people succeed – playing MLS soccer is fantastic, but it pales in comparison to helping a young person achieve their dreams!

Ross LaBauex & Quincy Amarikwa
Both are former College All-Americans, MLS Cup Champions and current Professional Soccer Players in Major League Soccer (MLS)

So we committed to creating a step by step guide for parents and coaches. On top of being former Division 1 players, one of whom won the NCAA championship in the ACC, we also added and All-American Ivy League player out of Harvard. All three of us are 2010 MLS champions, and have received numerous college accolades. Together, we pooled our experiences and found the common threads that got each of us into Division 1 programs.

The collective knowledge of three players who had navigated the same path that you and your child now face was a great start… but we wanted to give up-and coming players (and their parents) something truly outstanding. So we went right to the source, so to speak.

We interviewed college soccer coaches and found out exactly what they looked for when they assessed players. We delved into their methodologies and discovered the insider information they would never share directly with a parent or youth coach. And what we found out… is nothing short of astonishing.

In the end, we had a massive amount of information to share with parents, youth coaches, and soccer players. It wasn’t easy… but we put all of it into one simple to follow guide that gives you and your child every tool, trick, and technique you need to ensure success!

If You Want to Give Your Child the Advantage Needed to Succeed at College Soccer… and Even Get Rewarded with Scholarships and Future Soccer Opportunities… Then You Can’t Miss Out on “The Ultimate College Soccer Recruiting Blueprint!”

Let me ask you… if you had the choice between going into your child’s soccer program recruitment process blind… and having a step by step blueprint to guide you through ever action you need to ensure your child’s success… which would you choose?

“Winging it” means:

  • LOADS of frustration

    for you and your child!

  • Unnecessary stress

    that can impact your child’s happiness, grades, and even health!

  • Wasted hours (and days)

    spent chasing coaches who don’t want to hear what you have to say!

  • Hearing, “we’re not interested” time and time again

    (a HUGE blow to your child’s confidence)!

  • And near certain disappointment

    (even if your kid is the best soccer player the world has ever seen)!

Following a proven blueprint, on the other hand, can:

  • Save you massive amounts of time and frustration!
  • Build your child’s confidence, instead of destroying it!
  • Help you get in front of the right coaches more easily than you ever imagined!
  • Motivate your child to reach even greater academic and athletic heights!
  • Guarantee your child’s success!

Given the enormous amount of time, money, and support you’ve already put into your child’s love of soccer… deciding between the two options doesn’t really seem all that difficult, does it?

Here’s Just a Sample of What You’ll Get when You Download “The Ultimate College Soccer Recruiting Blueprint” Right Now!

Given the incredible amount of information we’re sharing with you today, I couldn’t possibly list everything. But I wanted to give you a taste of what you’ll get when you click the “Order” button below:

  • 1

    You’ll learn the three most important aspects of soccer your child MUST focus on to impress coaches and elicit recruitment offers! (They’re on page 5… and believe me, they’re not what you think!)

  • 2

    You’ll get a carefully crafted letter template to spark a coach’s interest and virtually guarantee an invitation to meet one on one! (You’ll find this proven template on page 9.)

  • 3

    You’ll discover the things you should say (and, just as importantly, the things you should never say) when talking with prospective coaches on the phone or in person! (Beginning on page 12, you’ll see exactly how to handle any conversation with a coach.)

  • 4

    You’ll find out how to set the stage for success while your child is a high school freshman… or even if he or she isn’t in high school yet! (Don’t wait until graduation is on the horizon… get the jump with early strategies starting on page 1.)

  • 5

    You’ll discover how to use email to your advantage before and after meeting with a prospective coach… so that your child’s name stays at the front of the coach’s mind! (Page 29 makes email one of your most powerful allies.)

  • 6

    You’ll find out which soccer camps can improve your child’s chances of getting into a top college soccer program… and which ones you can skip! (It’s all on page 22.)

  • 7

    You’ll get the exact information you need to ensure that your child’s high school academic career meets NCAA Division 1 requirements (One mistake, and your child’s dreams of college soccer could be gone forever… don’t miss page 4.)

  • 8

    You’ll get detailed checklists for every year of your child’s high school career… so you can stay on pace and ensure college success!

  • 9

    And much, MUCH more!

How is “The Ultimate College Soccer Recruiting Blueprint” Different from Any Other Advice You’ve Ever Gotten?

Simply put, you’re tapping into the knowledge and experience of three players who have successfully done what you and your child is doing now. We’ve dedicated our careers to soccer, won championships, received numerous college accolades and continued on to play professionally at the highest level.

And just like on the field, when we created this blueprint, we gave it our all.

We didn’t just sit around and make up theories… we used real-world experience and advice we received directly from top notch soccer coaches to give you every possible tool for success.

We made sure to include everything… even the stuff that professional recruitment advisors miss. Things like:

  • Email and letter templates to make catching a coach’s interest easy!
  • Phone call scripts that show what to say and how to answer a coach’s questions (which goes a long way toward allowing you to sound confident but not cocky)!
  • Full checklists to make sure your child’s dreams aren’t shattered by some overlooked detail!
  • The most important questions you and your child must ask yourselves when choosing a college!
  • How coaches choose players (HINT: It’s not just skill)!
  • The questions coaches EXPECT you to ask (miss them, and your child’s opportunity could be lost immediately!)
  • And much, MUCH more!

How Much is Your Child’s College Success Worth to YOU?

Look, we know you’re probably expecting us to drop some huge price tag in front of you. After all, you’re getting the exact blueprint you need to get your child into a prestigious college soccer program… a system that, frankly, gives your kid a seriously unfair advantage. So we get where you’re coming from.

But here’s the thing – soccer is in your child’s blood. And right now, you have the opportunity to help him or her turn that passion into an enjoyable college experience… and even earn scholarships along the way!

Now, get ready to breathe a sigh of relief. Because we’re not charging thousands of dollars for “The Ultimate College Soccer Recruiting Blueprint.”

For a short window of time, you won’t even have to pay $100.

Right now, you’re getting your hands on the entire blueprint & all the Bonus materials for our special limited quantity launch price of...


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Why are we doing this? We want you to be thrilled with the advice, information, and guidance you’ll receive. And the only way we can ensure that you’re ecstatic is by putting our own wallet on the line!


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Quincy Amarikwa & Ross LaBauex


ONLY $10

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P.P.S.: We’re not going to promise that the price will stay this low forever. In fact, we’ve been thinking about doubling the price for a while now. So if you come back and find out “The Ultimate College Soccer Recruiting Blueprint” is twice the price tomorrow… don’t say you weren’t warned!

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