So Your Kid Wants To Play College Soccer But You’re Not Sure They’re Good Enough?

Here’s A Way To Give Them The Skills They Need To Get Better, Get Noticed And Get Recruited.

…Connect Your Kid With Professional Players Without Having To Sell A Kidney

Your children’s success is the most important thing in the world. But success so often hinges on money - and if you don’t have enough of it – it’s harder to make the connections they need.

These days, parents are doing the craziest things to connect their kids with professional coaches and players.

They raid college funds in the hope of securing a scholarship and take out loans to pay for exclusive soccer camps.

But before you give up your kidney (or your retirement) and join the crazies, you need to know that there’s an easier and cheaper way to give your kids the skill set they’ll need to shine in the world of youth soccer.

Not only is this method affordable, it’s 100% legitimate! So read on to discover if this is what’s going to take your young player to the next level.

If They’re Spending Too Much Time On The Bench You NEED To Intervene.

You probably already know that. But it’s hard to know exactly WHAT to do to help them. Does this sound like you?

  • You don’t want to be one of those difficult parents that the coaches hate, but it’s hard when you see them passing over your kid.
  • You also don’t want to give your kid a terrible failure complex but when you see them slipping behind it’s not easy to say nothing.
  • Your child has all the heart in the world but they keep missing out on vital learning moments because the coach has his favorites.
  • You stand on the sideline looking at the other parents, wondering what they’re doing to help their kids improve.
  • You’ve heard that the camps are good but the money just isn’t there and your child tends to get lost in groups anyway.

Right Now You’re The One In Charge Of Building A Strong Foundation For Their Future.

The actions you take or don’t take between the ages of 6 and 16 are critical to your child’s future in soccer.

Right now, they’re in that fleeting window of time where you can help them improve BEFORE they NEED to be performing in every practice.

That’s right, consideration for college soccer starts early. The recruitment process should already be well activated by their freshman year in high school!

So if they’re not getting noticed by coaches in middle school then it’s time for you to start finding out why.

8 Ways To Check That Their Coach Is Doing EVERYTHING To Prepare Them.

There are some amazing coaches out there – and some that are a little behind.

It’s hard to know if you’ve got no one to compare them to - so we’ve created an easy way for you to check that your kid is getting the minimum coaching they need!

Ask yourself if the coach has these skills:

  • 1. Constantly changing drills that allow the kids to apply logic and find solutions as well as practice the essentials.
  • 2. Great communication on how they’re performing, where their strengths and weaknesses lie.
  • 3. Patience they don’t expect miracles from the team but they push them to achieve goals for each game and debrief on any issues without shaming the players.
  • 4. Regular drilling on the importance of first touch and how to control the ball from that moment on.
  • 5. Poise assessment identifying how your child performs in pressured situations and helping them find a way to take charge and adapt if they struggle.
  • 6. A strong focus on tactical decision making regardless of their position.
  • 7. Precision long and short passing they’re teaching your kid to move the ball, but most importantly how to do it correctly.
  • 8. Shooting and maintaining composure in the box Making sure your kid knows what to do and when to do it. (Regardless of their position)

Remember this stuff is just the minimum - so if your coach is dropping the ball in ANY of these areas - you can pretty much assume they’re not teaching the specific skills and drills your child NEEDS to advance.

Imagine If You Could Drastically Improve Their Game AND Make Them Stand Out From Everyone Else On The Field?

How would it feel to be the parent of the comeback kid?

The one who recognized the problem for what it is and did something to fix it.

How much do you think your kid would thank you later in life? (Think worship!)

Picture them playing in the pros, attending the college they want to attend and living an incredible life of athleticism.

Imagine yourself on the sidelines, watching it happen and knowing that you were responsible for the change.

So how would it feel? The answer is: INCREDIBLE!

It would feel like an epic achievement and you’d know you did everything you could (without sacrificing a kidney) to make it happen!

Here’s A Way To Set Them Up For A Successful Soccer Career Before It’s Too Late!

Introducing Perfect Soccer Skills Academy (PSSA)

It’s a digital program of soccer training videos taught by two SUCCESSFUL and CURRENT pro Major League Soccer players.

This is your way to connect your kid with the pros, one-on-one. It’s not boring theory or recycled game plays – these guys are sharing the drills they did and still do to keep playing pro level soccer.

PSSA will dramatically improve the fundamentals of your child’s game. It will install the skills that coaches look for most in potential players in a way that is fun, engaging and direct.

Do You Know The Golden Triangle Skill Set That Makes A Perfect Soccer Player?

There are three areas where your child needs total fluency and control to step into greatness

Perfect Soccer Skills Academy focuses on perfecting these three main areas of play to make sure your child’s name is always at the forefront of their coach’s mind.

When combined, these skill sets are what turns good players into great players!

Fluency in all three will give your child the DNA of a soccer professional, regardless of size and natural talent…

1. Owning The Ball From First Touch

  • Ball control is absolutely critical to the foundation of their game. Everything your child does in their career will hinge upon developing this skill.
  • Good coaches will pay close attention to your child’s ability to control the ball and their poise in certain situations. Scouts take priority over players that can control the ball in tight situations.
  • Having this skill will showcase your child’s overall ability. It will allow them to fly out there and adapt while under pressure.
  • Control is important for EVERY POSITION on the field and PSSA will teach your child how to be a player that’s known for leading with great decision-making on the field.

2. Long And Short Passing Like A Machine

  • Dribbling may look good but short and long passes are just as (and in most cases more) important. Your player needs to be able to ruthlessly move the ball around the field, in the proper manner.
  • Coaches love players that can put the ball anywhere with precision. That’s why long and short passes are essential.
  • Epic passing is a PSSA core skill. It will get your player off the bench and keep them in the game.

3. Finishing: The Follow Through Of Champions

  • Shooting and Goal Scoring is relevant to getting noticed on the field whether or not your child is a striker or forward.
  • If your child is owning the net they’re going to stick out like a fluorescent vest - regardless of what else they do on field.
  • The PSSA key is teaching composure and poise under pressure. Coaches look specifically for it. This skill is what turns the heads of scouts at every level.

How Do We Know These Are The Skills Of Champions?

Because We Use Them Every Time We Put On The Uniform.

It’s about time you meet your child’s new soccer coaches.

Quincy Amarikwa and Ross LaBeaux.

We are current professional soccer players, still playing in the highest league in the US - Major League Soccer (MLS).

Collectively we hold the following accolades:

  • • We are both former All American players
  • • Took out the 2009 NCAA Championship
  • • Hold a place amongst the Top 10 leading goal scorers in the nation
  • • Most Valuable Player at Big West
  • • Three years as the ACC Captain
  • • Big West Leading Goal Scorer
  • • Winners of the 2010 Eastern Conference Championship
  • • Winners of the 2010 MLS Cup Championship.
  • Our most recent Major League Soccer accolades for 2014 were:
  • Leading goal scorer in 2014 (Chicago Fire)
  • Leader in points for 2014
  • Best starting forward in 2014

We know it sounds like we’re blowing our own horns here - but it’s important you know what you’re getting into with the Perfect Soccer Skills Academy.

This is not amateur hour or the retirement scheme of a wash out.

We both know what it takes to play at, start, and win, at the highest level collegiately and professionally.

In this course we’ll only teach your player the drills we have done, or still currently do.

Perfect Soccer Skills Academy is broken up in to 3 Main Modules:

Which are built upon the 3 pillars of soccer success

  • Module 1 - The Perfect First Touch

    Over 10+ Videos and 40+ Minutes of Soccer Content.

    What you’ll learn:

    -Why your first touch is the most important fundamental of your game.
    -Best drills for improving first touch fast.
    -How to make sure your technique is what coaches are looking for.
    -How to translate your first touch in to actions that beat players at every position of the field.
    -The 4 MUST HAVE drills if you want your first touch to translate in to in game success.
    -And a whole lot more!

  • Module 2 - Perfect Precision Passing

    Over 10+ Videos and 40+ Minutes of Soccer Content.

    What you’ll learn:

    -How to guarantee your passing ability improves dramatically.
    -What passing drills you should be doing (and which ones you should ignore)
    -What high level and college coaches expect all players to be able to do.
    -The 3 elements you must have if you want to develop perfect passing technique.
    -How to translate your passing in to in game success.
    -And a whole lot more!

  • Module 3 - The Perfect Finisher

    Over 10+ Videos and 40+ Minutes of Soccer Content.

    What you’ll learn:

    -How to become a “goal scorer” no matter what position you play on the field.
    -How to score almost every time you get an opportunity in the box.
    -How to understand the mindset of goalkeepers so you always have the upper hand.
    -The proper technique to have when approaching every shot.
    -The most important (yet least talked about) key to scoring goals.
    -And as always, a whole lot more!

Don’t Just Listen To Us!
Hear From The Parents And Players We’ve Helped Already

For us there’s something very special about getting word from the young players we’ve helped.

But more importantly, there’s nothing more powerful than hearing about the academy from people who’ve done it…

The Perfect Soccer Skills Academy Turns Ordinary Players Into Extraordinary Athletes.

  • The academy will make your child’s pathway to progress crystal clear. You’ll know exactly what they need to do and when they need to do it.
  • You’ll be giving them the best chance possible to get recruited when the time comes.
  • Their confidence will soar like a torpedo. There’s nothing quite like watching a player you love connect with the skills they need to fly out there on the field.
  • We’ve had parents tell us that the sheer progress of their kids’ game sends shivers down their spine. This feeling is possible for you too.
  • More than anything they’ll have fun! We teach in a way that excites and inspires young players to be the best they can be.


In addition to all the modules mentioned above teaching you how to become the perfect soccer player, we’re also going to give you access to our best selling eBook:

The Ultimate College Soccer Recruiting Blueprint

This 58 page PDF download takes you by the hand showing you step by step how to get your child recruited to the college soccer program of their choice. Most parents and youth coaches are lost when it comes to the college recruiting process and this eBook takes you from Freshman through Senior year. Showing exactly what you need to do every step of the way.

We sell our eBook and supplemental materials for $47 on our site, you get access to it FREE with your Skills Academy purchase today.

We're not stoping there!

On top of our eBook we're going to include our very own 8 week Injury Prevention, Strength & Conditioning Program.

This is the exact program Professional Major League Soccer Players use for their individual fitness training. This full program will have you training exactly like the pros and get you in peak soccer specific physical condition!

This 8 week program is a $67 Value, you'll get access to it FREE with your Skills Academy purchase today.


To make sure you fully understand that we are 100% committed to you and your child's success, we are going to include FREE LIFETIME UPDATES to your PSSA membership purchase today!

Soccer is an ever evolving sport and even though we're professionals, it doesn't mean we aren't always learning more along the way. Because of this we are always keeping our training center and what we teach, up to date with the most relevant information.

We don't think it would be fair for you to have to pay every time we add new content to the members area.

So because of this, if you purchase today, you will be glad to hear that you will receive 100% FREE Lifetime updates to our video training center, eBooks, supplemental resources and Bonuses.

You can put your mind at ease knowing that whenever we add anything new, you'll not only be first to know, BUT you wont have to pay an extra penny to get access to it.

All of this and more FREE with your Perfect Soccer Skills Academy purchase today!

How Much Is Your Childs Soccer Success Worth To You?

Look, we know you’re probably expecting us to drop some huge price tag in front of you.

After all, you’re tapping in to two professional players 20+ years of collective experience and getting the exact personal training you need to take your child’s soccer game to the level it needs to be to guarantee success.

A system that, frankly, gives your kid a seriously unfair advantage. So we get where you’re coming from.

But here’s the thing – soccer is in your child’s blood.

And right now, you have the opportunity to help him or her turn that passion into an enjoyable youth team, high school, college or professional experience… and even earn scholarships along the way!

Now, get ready to breathe a sigh of relief. Because we’re not charging thousands of dollars for “Perfect Soccer Skills Academy.”

Discounted Access To PSSA Is Available For A Limited Time Only!

For a short window of time, you won’t even have to pay our typical 1-on-1
4 week private coaching fee of $997.

Right now, you’re getting your hands on the entire PSSA training center & all it’s Bonus materials...




This Incredible Coaching Opportunity Is Only $27

It’s a tiny amount to pay for the resources that your child will have access to in the academy and a mere fraction of the cost of an expensive soccer camp.

Your child will be taught the skillset that professionals use to prepare and excel on the soccer field.

That’s not to mention the multitude of great advice from two of the best players in the major leagues.

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Then, There’s The Double Your Money Back Guarantee…

That’s right, just in case you are worried - this is a no risk investment in your child’s future!

If your child follows the training and advice with honest effort and you don’t see significant improvements in their game, we’ll gladly pay you double what you pay today.

This is because we know what works - and how to teach. In fact, we trust 200% that we can take your child to the skill level that they want.

AND we’re even going to throw in a BONUS MODULE For Those Who Sign Up Today…

Along with access to everything we know about soccer, your child will also get bonus videos of 1-on-1 trick skills to impress their teammates with.

This is the stuff that the show ponies do for the cameras– it’s a total blast and very fun to learn.

AND we’re giving away printable reports for you to read with bonus drills and techniques. It’s nice to have a little something to hold on the sidelines as you watch them excel.

So Get Ready To Hit The Switch And Flood Their World With The Spotlight Of Success!

It might sound cheesy but to a kid, doing something well means the world.

PSSA will give them self-esteem, opportunity and the possibility of fulfilling their dreams.

So if you ready to set them up for a lifetime of greatness then click the link below to secure the course for your child at a huge discount for a limited time.



Quincy Amarikwa & Ross LaBauex




ONLY $27

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P.S.: We’re not going to promise that the price will stay this low forever. In fact, we’ve been thinking about doubling the price for a while now. So if you come back and find out “Perfect Soccer Skills Academy” is twice the price tomorrow… don’t say you weren’t warned!

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